martes, 15 de julio de 2014


"Just finished a fantastic cooking lesson with Saul. Hes a great teacher and a really fun guy who guides you how to really make the best from a dish. All his recipes are here on the site and of course you could just try to make them yourself but understanding the process and the small details and techniques you need to know will make that same dish taste a million times better and that only comes from hands on teaching. Its very reasonable in price, a lot of fun and a great way to spend part of a day at his lovely home in buenos aires, coming away with recipes to amaze freinds, lovers whoever!! The pumpkin pasta dish had so many interesting great flavours. Its going to become one of my favourites...." Carl de Souza"

"This bread looked amazing. A real "wow" bread to serve to guests. We made it during the course with all of Sauls expert tips and tricks along the way. What emerged from the oven was amazing!!!! Amazing crust and super fluffy inside with delicious ripples of pesto made from scratch running through it. Suggest if you make it to serve with some good quality sardines!!!" Carl de Souza

"My husband and I spent a few hours with Saul making empanadas. He was so generous with his time and showed us how to do everything! He was so wonderful and patient, especially when we made the dough. This class would be twice as expensive in the u.s. I highly recommend Saul. He clearly loves to cook and it shows!! Dont miss this class. Kelly Warner

"I was looking for something to do in the summer and I thought I could use some cooking classes. So my friend contacted me saying she found a place where they teach cooking classes. We got in touch with Saul and arranged a class
to try out with him. When we arrived to his place, he was very welcoming and patient with all of us. His kitchen is well equiped and he shared great professional, but easy tips with  all of us. I really enjoy all of my classes because we have a blast together, and I always look forward to them. The advantages from participating in these classes are that the food is always delicious and fun to make, and in addition, you learn a lot of information from him, as in for example little things that can improve the recipes, and the price is affordable. Also for foreigners, he can speak English which came in handy for me. I really recommend his classes because I ensure you that you will have a great time". Carolina

"La verdad es que salio riquisima, y estoy super contenta con todo lo que estamos aprendiendo. La pasamos re bien :)" Naia

"As a tourist from NYC on vacation, i came here and had the randomn idea that it would be cool to learn how to make empanadas that i lovvvvve but never knew how to make. By luck, I came accross Sauls site and contacted him directly. even through it was just through email at first, he had a very sweet demeanor and after shopping around on other much pricier private lessons, i decided to order a class for me and my girlfriend. I told him she only spoke English and he said no problem he can teach in english too. After depositing the cost of the class (incredible deal of a price) into his account at a local bank , we took the train from our apartment in Buenos Aires and met Saul at his beautiful loft. He has a world class kitchen in an open, very homey environment. He took his time and taught me and my gf to make empanadas from scratch. I'm talking about the dough and everything. He was so patient, such a great teacher that the whole time I felt like he was like my dad or uncle and this was just us having a nice day of cooking, versus a class. We are both amaetures and the empanadas tasted as good as many as I've had at restaurants. For the value, this was a HIGHLIGHT of our tirip and we cannot wait to take another class the next time we come back to BA. Saul is a gem and I can tell why people love him". Demian y Laken

"Fue una primera clase barbara, y volvi con tantas ganas que hoy sábado la prepare para el almuerzo. Gracias Saul!!" Alejandra Fernandez

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